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Mississippi Coronavirus Update 4/24/2020
MS Retail/Biz Limited Reopen Monday

Casinos, Bars, Gyms, Theaters, and Barbershops remain closed under early step toward new normal


Mississippi businesses, retail stores and some medical offices may reopen Monday with social distancing precautions under an executive order signed by Gov. Tate Reeves Friday. The order, which lasts two weeks, still encourages Mississippians to remain at home when possible and limit social interactions to 10 or fewer individuals. 


Gov. Reeves and state Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs described the step as moving from “Shelter-at-Home” to “Safer-At-Home” and said it was a cautious step back toward reopening an economy.   Dobbs stressed the state simply cannot wait out the Covid-19 virus.  "This is a new temp normal. The isn’t going to be resolved within a month. We have to find a way to coexist with this that is safe,’’ he said.  


Reeves continued to describe this step as a turning up a dimmer rather than flipping on a light switch, and he said it was reviewed by Dr. Deborah Brix, Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House.


To read the order:

Under the Order:

  • High-risk patients such as the elderly, those with underlying conditions such as diabetes and asthma, are to still shelter in place.
  • Remaining closed: Casinos, theaters bars, barbershops, spas, gyms, tattoo parlors and other entities that require close, interpersonal contact with multiple individuals are to remain closed.
  • Restaurants: Can only continue to operate via curb-side services. 
  • Retail: Retail establishments can open up to 50% of Fire Marshall-designated customer capacity and with hand sanitizer and other precautions. Reeves noted that should relieve some pressure on crowded big-box stores that offer essential groceries but also allow for shopping for non-essential items.
  • Businesses: can reopen but are encouraged to follow CDC safety guidelines such as limiting gatherings to under 10 and ensuring employees with symptoms are sent home. 
  • Healthcare: Limited non-emergency medical procedures can resume under very controlled guidelines outlined in the executive order and by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. For instance, while routine checkups still aren’t allowed, an out-patient procedure for a dislocated shoulder could be under proper conditions, Dobbs said.
    • Dental/Medical Practices: the MS Board of Dental Examiners and the MS Board of Medical licensure are also working on guidelines to reopen practices for routine medical care.
  • The numbers:  Reeves noted that three weeks ago models suggested Mississippi on Friday could have 8,984 hospitalized Covid patients, 1,365 in ICU, 1,085 on ventilators and 90 deaths. In reality, due in large measure Reeves said to citizens’ social distancing and sheltering at home, there are instead 401 hospitalizations, 148 in ICU, 74 on ventilators and 8 deaths.  
  • Next:  Reeves noted that several of the still closed establishments - such as casinos — are working to devise strategies to cautiously reopen at some point. “I won’t take any action our health experts say creates unreasonable risks: amusement parks, movie theaters, bars and museums, businesses that can’t avoid sustained per to person contact. Salons, gyms, clubs, barber shops, tattoo parlors —  you can still  sell supplies by phone or internet … But we’re just not there yet. Your day will come as soon as it is safe, I promise.’’

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